HubSpot Vs. Autopilot: Which is a Better Fit for Your Organization?

After deciding a marketing automation platform is the right choice, every business owner or marketing lead must assess their needs. After conducting a deep dive into Hubspot versus Autopilot, we found several major differences along with some overlap. The assessment included a check of common functions and features liked email marketing, in-app messaging, SMS integration, and more.

What Is Your Payback Period and How Does This Affect Your Revenue Growth?

Figuring out the best metrics to use for your SaaS KPIs can be a difficult task. Many companies spend their time searching for a “wonder metric” that rises above the rest to provide a flawless top-down view of their business. Unfortunately, that metric does not exist. There are, however, some metrics that come close, allowing you to simplify your operations while providing an in-depth look into the health of their business.


How to Setup Your HubSpot API Connection for Lead Generation

When we work with new clients on lead generation, one of the first steps that we take is to make sure we can connect to their Marketing Automation API so that we can pass new leads into the system. In this instance, we're going to be focusing on HubSpot and how to setup HubSpot for third-party lead generation. We created this documentation as an instructional post for our clients to maximize lead flow and conversions, and we want to now share it with all B2B marketers. 

Demand Generation Expert Interview - Kamil Rextin, CrowdRiff

Demand Generation Expert Interview - Kamil Rextin, CrowdRiff

With our second demand generation expert interview (see our first here with Logan Mallory of Jive Communications), I’m proud to welcome Kamil Rextin, Demand Generation Manager at CrowdRIff.

These interviews are a new series we're doing that allows us to connect with experienced demand gen managers who are doing interesting things across the industry. It allows us to see what is working and what isn’t, and to provide context into how fast growing and large SaaS companies are approaching demand generation.