Marketing Operations & Demand Generation Services for B2B Companies

OpGen Media serves B2B SaaS & Technology companies by augmenting their Marketing Operations & Demand Generation teams with our team of in-house experts. We develop marketing strategies with our clients around driving their desired accounts through their marketing and sales funnels, while building, optimizing or scaling their marketing automation and lead nurturing frameworks for maximum pipeline visibility and conversions from lead to sales opportunity and ultimately closed deals.

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OpGen Media is a Marketing Operations & Demand Generation Partner for Leading B2B Companies

Marketing Ops & Demand Generation

OpGen Media offers a retainer-based service primarily for SMEs in which we build, optimize and scale core revenue driving components such as marketing automation services, outbound marketing, in-market lead generation and more. OpGen Media is also a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner with deep experience across all major marketing automation platforms and CRMs.

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Certified HubSpot Agency Partner

Funnel Metrics and Attribution

Full Pipeline

Enterprise Lead Generation

OpGen Media delivers engaged prospects who are in the market due to our defined process of building custom data audiences, running targeted campaigns to individuals at companies during their "buyer journey" using proprietary intent models, and guaranteeing real, legitimate prospects on a performance, cost-per-lead basis.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns


Guaranteed Accuracy & Engagement

Custom Research

Whether our clients need data and contact research or in-depth, custom research projects we can produce research reports in-house. Examples include building the Total Addressable Market for a multi-billion dollar public AdTech company to creating Account Based Marketing (ABM) lists for B2B tech companies using both qualitative and quantitative insights.

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Custom Research Reports

Account Based Marketing

Intent-Based Reports

We Deliver Results

"OpGen Media is a trusted partner that consistently over-delivers and we leverage them across several divisions and product lines"

- Director, Marketing Fortune 1000 Technology Company

"We consider OpGen Media a core part of our demand and ops team, and they both act and perform like it. The numbers speak for themselves each month and quarter"

- Mike Puterbaugh, CMO, Ziflow

"OpGen Media provided critical assistance with building our marketing operation infrastructure around HubSpot, as we use both their marketing automation and CRM at Artist Growth. In addition, they helped us implement a scalable outbound sales process which has been our largest outbound revenue driver to date, along with leading our paid advertising programs."

- Firas Rouf, CEO, Artist Growth


Return on Investment


Ad Spend


Closed Revenue (ARR)


Online Proofing App


Pipeline Growth


Traffic Growth

Scaled Sales Pipeline

Optimized Marketing Ops

Largest Outbound Revenue Driver

Let's explore how OpGen Media can help you generate more sales opportunities & grow revenue.

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