OpGen Media enables B2B SaaS companies to generate new business on a performance-basis



Marketing qualified leads

OpGen Media is able to deliver some of the most engaged leads in the market due to our defined process of building custom data audiences, running targeted campaigns to individuals at companies during their "buyer journey" using proprietary intent models, and guaranteeing real, legitimate prospects . We only deliver the highest-quality leads that actually engage with your content and messaging. We verify all leads through both software and manual processes to ensure accuracy.

Sales opportunity generation

Sales Opportunity Generation is a high-touch process. We initially work very closely with our clients' marketing and sales teams to develop proper targeting, messaging and qualifying parameters. We then identify a CTA for our campaigns, such as a free trial or demo of your product, including face-to-face meetings. Once this is in place, we drive targeted traffic to your trial or demo offer, or we engage prospects via various channels, and you only pay for qualified prospects that take out a trial, demo or take a desired action based on your offer. 

OpGen Media's Performance guarantee

All of OpGen Media's services come with a defined performance guarantee. Whether we're delivering Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), mid-funnel leads or sales-ready leads and opportunities such as a trial, demo request, initial sales call or meeting, we guarantee that our leads fit within your defined lead parameters. We never charge for a lead that does not meet your standards. All of our campaigns are tailored to each client, meaning your messaging and your leads are unique to you. No two campaigns look exactly alike.