About Us

At OpGen Media, we’re a team of Marketing Operations & Demand Generation experts that help B2B SaaS & Tech companies selling into Mid-Market/Enterprise scale revenue through targeted marketing programs

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Who We Serve

Our approach allows for a custom engagement that places focus on the most critical, high-leverage items to drive pipeline growth and unify sales & marketing.

Large B2B SaaS/Tech organizations

looking to scale MQLs through performance-based, targeted media campaigns.

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CEOs of small B2B SaaS companies

who are managing marketing and need expertise around marketing ops, lead generation and creating a true demand generation engine to support the next stage of growth for your company.

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Marketing Managers and CMOs

with a small team that need help around ops/demand. You likely have a great content team in place and you and your team need to 10x your growth and/or team size to do so. We specialize in augmenting your marketing team to drive net new sales opportunities and we do so by helping build a true marketing ops/demand foundation to ensure a consistent, repeatable process is in place.

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HubSpot customers or prospective customers

looking to bring HubSpot into your organization and need our expertise to lead the charge around building or optimizing HubSpot to meet your organization’s needs. As a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency, we can do just that and more. Plus, if you haven’t invested in HubSpot just yet, we can save you the onboarding/setup fee which is waived by HubSpot for partner agencies.

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