OpGen Media is a full-funnel performance-based demand generation services company


OpGen Media is a full-funnel, performance-based demand generation platform. We have two core offerings:

  • Top-funnel lead generation, where we promote our clients' content across our media properties and databases on a cost-per-MQL or cost-per-lead basis.
  • Sales Opportunity Generation which allows us to identify and convert new sales opportunities for our clients. We either generate a demo / free trial request, or we guarantee the prospect attends the demo, sales call, etc. depending on the client's need and CTA.

OpGen Media, which operates under OpGen Technologies, Inc., was created to give demand generation teams a partner that will take on the upfront work and risk to create legitimate marketing- and sales-ready leads for B2B companies. We give demand generation teams a partner and vehicle to scale their efforts while only paying for desired results. No more guessing on your demand forecasts or hoping your vendors will deliver something on-brand, on-time and of value.

OpGen Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2015 by Brandon Pindulic, who previously lead the execution of demand generation programs at ProofHQ, resulting in growing ProofHQ's recurring revenue by 80% YoY before being acquired by Workfront