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[Infographic] HubSpot vs Pardot

Aug 13, 2019 10:12:45 AM / by Ryan Bozeman

As marketing automation systems become a critical component to SMB and mid-market companies' marketing stack, there’s much to consider when deciding upon a platform. Many of our clients have a difficult choice determining which solution is the best fit for their business as both platforms provide a variety of features and functionality that cover the needs of most marketing operations aspects. 

As the two solutions are evaluated, understanding the big picture differences between the platforms, along with the nuances between feature sets is important. This overall knowledge and understanding is a huge factor in making a final decision. 

The infographic below outlines some of the main topics many of our clients look at while deciding between systems. 


OpGen_Media_Infographic_HubSpot_vs_ Pardot


An Important Decision

Determining which marketing automation platform to implement and integrate with Salesforce (or other CRM) is an important decision. Marketing and sales processes will be dictated by the solution of choice for the foreseeable future. Because of this, it’s critical to go with the platform that makes most sense and fits the needs of your organization best.

OpGen Media has clients on all major marketing automation platforms; however, we typically recommend and see our clients go with HubSpot unless Pardot is a seriously good fit for a particular organization. Overall, HubSpot simply provides better coverage of your marketing operations as a whole. Organizations and teams also tend to adapt and integrate the solution at a better rate due to the ease-of-use and top notch support.


Ryan Bozeman

Written by Ryan Bozeman