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[Video] Live Website Teardown with OpGen Media & Crazy Egg

Jul 24, 2019 2:38:41 PM / by Brandon Pindulic

In this webinar, which you can view below, Suneet Bhaat, GM of Crazy Egg, and Brandon Pindulic, CEO of OpGen Media, dissect a landing page from one of our amazing clients, Onfleet

Recently, we hosted a webinar with Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg lets you see your website's visitors through a heatmap in an easy to understand visualization to draw insights from what users want, care about and click on your website - which are some of the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

We reviewed where site visitors were scrolling, what they were clicking on (and why), what to do about ‘dead’ or ‘stray’ clicks, and more. Using these insights allow us to make informed decisions on how to test new ideas on our sites and landing pages to improve conversions, or the desired action we’re aiming for a visitor to take.

Crazy Egg Live Website Teardown: Onfleet with Guest Expert OpGen Media from Crazy Egg on Vimeo.

Brandon Pindulic

Written by Brandon Pindulic